Humly - a global team.

Humly - a global team. Born with a global mindset, Humly has established permanent bases in various locations across Europe, North America and Asia. Our solutions and services are delivered worldwide through trusted local partners, ensuring seamless connectivity across borders. In our pursuit to enhance customer and partner relationships, we established Humly Inc, bringing us closer to our valued clients and partners not only in America but all around the globe.  

Human focus.

Technology offers tools that enhance our efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction, yet it can sometimes become a source of friction and frustration. Our solutions seamlessly blend into your surroundings, always ready to assist when needed while remaining unobtrusive during the rest of your time. Through constant experimentation and research, we strive to communicate with users in the most discreet and non-intrusive manner possible. We believe that the most remarkable technology is one that remains unnoticed until the moment you truly require it.

ISO Certified 

In 2024 Humly received three prestigious ISO standards:

ISO 9001 for Quality Management
ISO 14001 for Environmental Management
ISO 27001 for Information Security Management


At Humly, we are dedicated to bringing a stronger focus on sustainability to the world of technology. We firmly believe that there should be no place for cheap electronics that only contribute to e-waste after a short period of time. We understand that a low price often comes at a high cost to our environment. While we acknowledge that there is still room for improvement, we are determined to be pioneers in this field by meticulously considering every step of the production and recycling process. Our goal is to optimize the experience for both our valued customers and our precious planet.


With decades of experience, we excel at identifying and solving workplace problems, resulting in a wealth of ideas to enhance our portfolio. However, we understand that releasing a product is not the end of the journey in the product development life cycle. We prioritize keeping our portfolio streamlined, allowing us to dedicate the necessary time to perfect each product alongside our valued customers.


Fifteen years ago, the visionary team behind Humly took the lead in revolutionizing the smart workplace industry. Now, as we embark on a new decade, the creation of the Humly brand serves as a testament to our commitment to remaining pioneers in this ever-evolving landscape. We foresee a paradigm shift in the workplace on the horizon, and we are determined to stay at the forefront of this transformation.

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