Humly - a global team.

With permanent establishments in several locations across Europe and Asia – Humly was born as a global company. We provide our solutions and services all over the world through local partners. We are also growing our commitment to America with the establishment of Humly Inc to get even closer to customers and partners world wide. 

Human focus.

Technology provides tools that can make us efficient, productive and satisfied but it can sometimes also become a source of friction and frustration. Our technical solutions should feel like they are part of the interior ready to serve you when you need it – but stay out of your way the rest of the time. We experiment and research on how to communicate with the user in the least intrusive way possible. We think that the most impressive technology is the one you don’t notice until you actually need it.


About one and a half decade ago the team behind Humly was pioneering  a new segment within the smart workplace industry. Now we enter into a new decade and one of the main reasons for creating the Humly brand was to make sure we can maintain our role as pioneers as we see the workplace is set to go through a paradigm shift in the near future. 


We believe that more focus on sustainability should be brought into the world of technology. There should be no room for cheap electronics that end up as e-waste after a year or two. Many times a low price equals a high cost to our environment. Humly still have room to improve but we aim to be pioneers in this field by making sure that every step from production to re-cycle is thought through. We believe we can optimize the experience for both our customers and our planet.


We have decades of experience in identifying and finding solutions to problems in the workplace – so we have many ideas to grow our portfolio. But at the same time we believe that releasing a product is not the final step in the product development life cycle. We keep our portfolio streamlined so we can take the time to perfect each product  together with our customers.

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