Floor Plan

Get an instant 3D overview of the office.

What spaces are occupied?
What’s free? Check a whole floor or specific rooms and desks.


Room and desk availability
– at a glance

Imagine that you need a room or a desk. Instead of having to run up
and down every floor to check availability, a 3D overview of each floor
gives you all the answers. Use the passive mode on a big screen or
manage your bookings in the interactive mode.

Now you can pick up your phone to book the room or desk you need
ad hoc. If you’re outside the office, you can use Humly Floor Plan both
to check availability and manage the bookings in your booking system,
Teams or Humly Reservations.

Humly Floor Plan saves office workers and their guests a whole lot of
time and frustration. And facility managers get an overview of usage
status in real time, any time.

Instant answers

Humly Floor Plan answers a lot of questions in an instant.

For example:
• Which meeting rooms are available?
• Where can I find a desk to work from?
• What is the occupancy of level B right now?


Design focused

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works"- Steve Jobs stated. Humly products aim high when it comes to aesthetics, but looking good is not the main reason behind our design and UI. Our design decisions are made to provide frictionless support to office workers so they can focus on their work and feel more satisfied when leaving the office at the end of the day.

Seamlessly Integrated

Humly has an open API that makes it easy to build deep seamless integrations with other solutions. Next to this, Humly is proactively working on providing additional customer value by making integrations with market leading solutions within smart office and collaboration technology.














Technical Specifications

To get started, email your existing floor plans to your sales contact as a .jpg, .png, .gif or .pdf file for processing. This requires some manual fine-tuning, so please allow the process a few days for quality assurance. When all is set and done, you will receive an email with the
Floor Map ID and Client token of your floor plans. Use them to map up your rooms and desks in the Humly Control Panel.

Visual interface

Humly Floor Plan - An interactive user experience where it is possible to view status and instantly book rooms and desks available via Humly Reservations Microsoft Teams app or via web for other compatible platforms. Humly Floor Plan can also be displayed on any screen (with browser & network connection) as a non-interactive overview screen that enables office workers to see what is occupied or available at a glance. 

Technical requirements

Humly Floor Plan is available to all customers running our Humly
Cloud with a license. For onprem customers it is required to allow
connection to * over port 443.

Compatible Platforms

Microsoft Office 365/Exchange
Google Workspace
HCL/IBM Domino Smartcloud /
 8.5.3 – 9.x 




Open API for third party integration
Communication via real-time two-way connection
Remote management with multi-site support
Real-time monitoring & statistics

Overview at a glance