Humly Visitor

Are my guests here? Has everyone left the building? Keep track of who enters and leaves the office and give your visitors a friendly welcome


Welcome your
visitors with ease

Receive your visitors with the welcoming simplicity of Humly Visitor. Let them check-in and approve of terms and conditions on any chosen screen, using a clean and elegant user interface.

The new system can be used on a tablet and a printer can be connected to it for badge printing and SMS alerts can be used when a visitor arrives and checks in.

The backend can be used to track visitor flows for security and better workplace optimization.

Less admin, better service

Humly Visitors alerts the host that a visitor has arrived via email and/or SMS and triggers printing of a visitor badge. Check-out is also a breeze, easing the administrative burden of front office staff. This frees up time for human interaction, the cornerstone of excellent service.

Track visitor flows 

Visitor flows are registered in a visitor log with all visitor contact details, who they visited and when. This data is important for safety and security reasons, for example in the case of an emergency. Over time, these insights can also be used to optimize office usage.









Technical Requirements:

  • Any screen or device that can display the application
  • Humly Server (cloud or on premises)
  • Printer for printing visitor badges (optional)

Supported calendar systems:

  • Microsoft Exchange/Office 365
  • Google Workspace
  • HCL/IBM Domino/Notes

User Interface Languages

Arabic - Catalan - Chinese (simplified) - Chinese (traditional) - Czech - Danish - Dutch - English - Estonian - Finnish - French - Galician - German - Italian - Japanese - Latvian - Lithuanian - Norwegian - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swedish


Open API for third party integration
Communication via real-time two-way connection
Remote management with multi-site support
Real-time monitoring & statistics