Humly Wayfinding

Find rooms faster

Studies show that 70% of office workers spend more than 15 minutes every day looking for meeting rooms. Another study shows that an average office worker wastes about 3 hours each week due to meetings that do not start on time.

Together that is about 10% of a work day wasted for every office worker, every day.

Humly Wayfinding is developed to give some of that wasted time back.

Remove bottlenecks

Based on the decades of experience from the transportation domain we created a solution for the modern office that combines simplicity with efficiency. 

Just like the airport departure board shows a list of flights in chronological order, the Humly Wayfinding screen shows a list of meetings where the ongoing meeting shows at the top followed by the ones that are about to start and further down meetings later in the day.

Humly products are easy to set up

The Humly Wayfinding is easy to set up using the Humly Control Panel on Humly Cloud or installed on a local server.

If you are an existing Humly customer you can upgrade directly to the latest Humly Server version and get started immediately. 

Just like the rest of our products, Humly Wayfinding can  run in parallel with almost all other booking systems and solutions on the market without issues as we like to offer full flexibility and freedom to our customers. We also offer "one click upgrade" from third party system running Evoko Liso/Home. 

Humly Wayfinding can use any screen with a web browser

Humly Wayfinding is highly configurable to match all different use cases you find in an office and can display the following information:

  • Meeting subject and organizer
  • Name of meeting room
  • Building, floor and directions
  • Your company logo and custom message
  • Available desks
  • QR code

Humly Wayfinding fits the need of any organisation - ranging from smaller companies with a single floor office, to the multinational corporations with countless buildings and floors spread out globally.