Humly Cloud

Convenient and compliant

Humly Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running with Humly solutions (and supported platforms). Your data is protected and our European data centers are located within the EU and GDPR compliant.

Humly Cloud is smooth, fast and reliable

Humly Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running with Humly solutions. Humly Cloud provides all services that are required to use the various Humly solutions and products. 

Humly will provide you with an instance of Cloud that is tailored to your needs in terms of bandwidth and power. This means that regardless of whether you run 20 or 2000 units, the solution will be tailored to you. Not only will this provide the best possible experience, it's also as cost efficient as possible. 

If your organisation runs it’s own cloud - or maybe you have a cloud partner that you prefer to work with,  that's no problem - we work out a solution that is ideal for you.

Technical details and system overview

Every unique instance of Humly Cloud runs in a separate virtualized fully scalable Linux based installation. The Humly Cloud offers 24/7 uptime, uses industry standard services for security, load balancing and monitoring solutions.

As a customer you can monitor performance and availability in real time and you can set up and manage your solutions from using any browser you like. 

Humly Cloud Architecture

Humly Data Privacy and Protection

We only collect and process private data required to deliver our service.  We are fully GDPR compliant and we have data centers in Sweden and Germany for our European customers and data is not transferred or processed outside the EU. For any specific questions on our data processing and privacy practices please contact us at

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