Humly Desk Booking

80% of the time it is possible to judge if a desk is free without a gadget*

Many solutions today use equipment you have
to buy, install, pull cables, charge or bolt on to desks.
Not only does it require maintenance but it can also be a pain when you have to re-arrange desks, grow or change something else.

The solution is fully integrated with the rest of the  products in the Humly Workplace Experience solution.


More or less clear indicators of free space.

*based purely on ocular data collection of own experience and should not be taken too seriously


Simple user experience

Humly's ultimate goal is to increase the time your end users spend being creative and adding value. Not interacting with complicated technology, generating service tickets or being frustrated.

That is why we built a completely integrated and flexible solution that you can change in a heart beat at almost no cost at all. Humly Desk Booking utilizes the current users in your active directory (or added guest users) and the current building structure that you already have in place. 

You can then print stickers with QR-codes, directly from the backend.

The user then simply scans the QR-code, logs in and can decide to book or let go of the place for the day. No advanced scheduling or half bookings or other things that surely will cater to the edge case - but also cause problems for the majority of users.