Humly Office Attendance

True flexibility at your fingertips.

At Humly we believe that not all problems need to be solved with a lot of advanced equipment.

Some problems should just be solved smarter. 

Introducing the Humly Office Attendance.

Easy installation with Humly


All of your users...
and more

Our comprehensive backend integrates with your active directory to import all of your users without effort.

If needed you can also add guest users, external consult from other domains, something unique in the market. 


Pick your structure and assign a max number of people you allow at one time 

At Humly we believe in true flexibility, so when the world with its conditions and postulates change.

You can change with it, without having to rebuild, move sensors, cables, cameras, lamps, maps and servers. 


Your users checks in 

Compliant, flexible and easy to use. 

User friendly simplicity will drive the change you need through a higher user engagement. 


Log in, pick your date, and workplace. Done!


Humly enhance your user experience

Humly Office Attendance is also available as an addon to Humly Wayfinding

HW HOA onscreen