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No more integration chaos or security nightmares. Because less friction and more focus is the key to workplace success.

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Humly Room Display

Elegant and time saving

The Humly Room Display is the perfect interactive display for your meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. It will help you find the space you already booked, or guide you to one that is available right now.


Humly Room Display
- Max Security Version 0108-lock

Are you looking for a higher security hardware product? Humly Room Display is also available as a Max Security Version. The hardware is delivered with the WiFi/Bluetooth and USB connector physically disabled on the hardware to make the device even more secure.

Humly Desk Booking

What do you really need?

In our market research we found that many solutions today use equipment that you have to buy, install, pull cables for, charge or bolt on to desks. Not only does it require maintenance but it can also be a pain when you have to re-arrange desks, grow or change something else as the requirements and instructions around COVID constantly changes.

The solution we have architected is simple and based on our ultimate goal of maximizing end user productivity.

Most employees do not use third party apps for work. The exception is
Microsoft Teams, one of the most used workplace apps in the world. That’s
why we decided to integrate our desk booking app with the app your employees already have, Teams.

Overview app print screen MS TEAMS

Humly Wayfinding

Simple, intuitive and efficient.

At Humly we believe that the best way to optimize our customers time and resources is to get out of the way. Our solutions are created with a minimalistic and user friendly design that will allow the user to spend less time interacting with our product and more time creating value. 

Inspired by research from airports, Humly Wayfinding is the only solution in the market that utilizes logical and physical orientation in order to present the user with directions within seconds. No maps to pour over, no technology to confuse, repair or replace.

Let us get out of your way while you find the way. 


Humly Reservations

Book resources across different domains

We provide co-working spaces, multi domain companies and everyone else that need the ability to have users from different domains and systems to be able to book the same resources. 

Humly Reservations allow you to invite guests from other email domains, companies or networks to share meeting rooms, co-working spaces, parking lots and other resources with people outside of your companies main domain.


Coming Soon:
Humly Floor Plan
& Humly Visitor

New products!

Soon Humly Visitor and Humly Floor Plan will be released. Get an instant 3D overview of your office with Humly Floor Plan and keep help your visitors with Humly Visitor.
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Humly Cloud

Convenient and compliant

Humly Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to get up and running with Humly solutions. Your data is protected and our European data centers are located within the EU and GDPR compliant. 

Humly Control Panel

Bigger, better and smarter

To keep up with you and your organization, we have spent the past 10 years striving to create the most comprehensive and flexible backend system in the market. 

We support all major systems and pride our selves on enterprise level security and regularly run penetration tests. We have curated open API's, wayfinding, sensors integration, multiple domain room booking, guest users and much more. Of course we can pack all of this into the cloud for you if you do not want to run your own on-premise installation. 

Contact your reseller or us directly for a 60 day trial!


Humly Open API

Seamlessly Integrated

The Humly products seamlessly integrates across the Humly ecosystem and with your existing third party tech technology or infrastructure that you already have invested in. Our Open API also maximizes your flexibility for future investments as the smart office is evolving faster than ever.

Contact us if you want to talk to one of our API experts. 

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