Free your mind
at work

In a world full of distractions we need focus more than ever. Make room for what’s important with clean, elegant workplace solutions.


Booking Device

The new flexible Booking Device - a versatile new premium hardware solution that takes design and booking systems to new heights. 

The display can show whether a space or desk is available or not. By tapping on the touch screen anyone can book what they need on the spot. It integrates via the same backend as all other products in the Humly Workplace Solutions suite. 


Less friction, more focus

We manage our office spaces with care. But do we care enough for our head space?
Distractions steal our focus and threaten our productivity.

Humly’s products are designed to help you navigate at a glance. So that you can keep
your headspace clear.



Workplace Solutions

Easily book rooms, desks and other work spaces with Humly Room Display, Humly Deskbooking and Humly Reservations. Navigate the hybrid office at a glance with Humly Wayfinding.

Humly Workplace Solutions is an integrated end-to-end-solution with enterprise level security.
• Elegant and timeless visual design.
• No more integration chaos and security nightmares.
• Custom hardware puts you in control.

Less friction, more focus. The key to modern workplace success.


What's in it for you?


Saves time

Saves your precious time at a glance
with prize-winning design.


User friendly

No manuals needed. Incredibly easy to install.
Open APIs for seamless integrations.


Enterprise level security

An integrated end-to-end solution with enterprise level security. Regular penetration tests.


Humly is reliable

The team behind Humly has over a decade of experience in creating high-quality products for the modern workplace. Solutions developed by the Humly team are built to last and have been tried and tested in more than 100,000 meeting rooms around the world including many Fortune 500 companies.

Humly is future-proof

Our software integrates easily with the systems you already have, and it can be quickly upgraded and scaled as needed.

Humly is sustainable

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products, in every stage of their life cycle. We use high-quality components and a careful manufacturing process to ensure a long product life, which saves resources and lowers our customers total cost of ownership.